Artist: Lark Echo

Title: Lark Echo

Produced by: Lark Echo

Label/ Date: Brimstone/ 1994


1. Waters
2. The Great Enjoyer
3. The Schoolyard
4. Take Me To The Fields of the Dandelions
5. Shipwrecked
6. Religion
7. More
8. Minority Is We
9. The Past
10. Circus
11. Tough
12. You Broke My Arm
13. Griefkiller
14. Someday
15. And They Fought
16. A Lovely Audience
17. Near the Top

The Review:

Under the moniker of Lark Echo, multi-instrumentalist P.J. Herkkola's debut self titled release consists of 17 songs that have a slight ambient and brooding gothic vibe, mainly in the vocals. Unfortunately this falls short thus each song has a samey style with absolutely no exploring done whatsoever. To me, the listener, leaves me rather bored and quickly uninterested. This is one of the problems with one-man bands, it's a hit and miss on the sound. I think P.J. should add musicians to the mix and stick to singing and maybe doing one instrument. Againa, there's potential with Lark Echo!

~Ron for [December 17, 2003]

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Band Members:

P.J. Herkkola - Vocals, All instruments

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