Artist/ Band: Kre
Title: Ruido Domestico
Label: Musical Mind
Year of Release: 2002

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1. Primero Cartado
2. Doro
3. Tote Quieto
4. Onifrica
5. Ruido Domestico
6. Iluvico
7. Sigiloso
8. Champignon
9. Oranamento

The Review:

I was given this cd by Elliot Levy (Producer) after seeing the band performed at Baja Prog 2004 on the last day, Saturday March 6th, of the free day concerts at the Hotel Araiza Inn. There was a mixed reaction to their music but I found them to be very appealing. They sound like a combination of King Crimson and Soft Machine but with some latino style jazz. Their music is all instrumental and sounds like most music found of the Cuneiform label.

In a nutshell,the music of kRé’s debut Ruido Domestico, creates complex and dark atmospheres that combines sounds common to the jazz/rock, psychedelia and progressive genres. As I stated before, one might hear influences by King Crimson, Soft Machine and some electronica ala Radiohead but they never come off as a clone of either of the bands mentioned. I must stress that those are reference points to help familiarize others with what this Venezuela band sounds like. This is a very enjoyable release and being instruemnetal it should appeal to more audiences. Well worthwhile addition to any progressive msuic fan's collection. Buy a copy today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 23rd, 2004

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