Artist/ Band: Kopecky
Title: Blood
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

My first exposure with Kopecky was in 2003, when I had the opportunity to review their Orion: A Live Performance. I was in awe at their performance and quickly acquired their other releases as well as lucky to be bale to review their 2003 release entitled Sunset Gun. Since then I was honored to review several project bands including Far Corner and Parallel Minds.

I was excited to hear that Kopecky was signed to Unicorn Digital, which I feel is the best label for the bandís music. In 2006, they released Blood which furthers the bandís exploration of instrumental Metal/Fusion like previous albums. I believe the band gets better with each release.

My two favorite pieces are the opening track Garden of Immolation and the closing track Opium. This doesnít meant the other songs arenít good, just that Iím drawn to these more than the others. I would recommend Blood to fans of modern instrumental progressive metal fusion. Kopecky compliments the other fantastic bands on the Unicorn Digital label.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 2nd, 2006


1. Garden of Immolation 07:10
2. Infernal Desire Machine 04:58
3. Moontown 07:20
4. Windows 11:21
5. Eden's Flow 04:58
6. The Red Path 08:43
7. Opium 12:56

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