Title: Sunset Gun
Label: Musea Records
Year of release: 2003
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1. Sunset Gun [7:57]
2. Acension [5:32]
3. The Divine Art of Flying [5:22]
4. Selquet's Kiss [10"49]
5. Creation's Brief Gift [10:11]
6. Temptation's Screaming-Ground [9:49]
7. Departure [5:42]

The Review:
KOPECKY returns with Sunset Gun, their third studio album. They also return to Musea Records as well for this release. An all instrumental progressive-metal trio that goes beyond the typical prog-metal label, in fact they creat music that is more in tune with classic progressive rock but with a metal twist. Whwere else can you hear a sitar on a prog-metal recording? Only KOPECKY does that! All the brothers Kopecky are in top form, churning out some fine metal induced soundscapes.

Sunset Gun follows in the style as their first two releases, self-titled Kopecky CD and Serpentine Kaleidoscope. This time they seem to have a more mature sound whereas more exploration with quieter sounds are included. Each track is an amazing sonic journey. I only wished more prog-metal bands would follow in KOPECKY’s footsteps. The reason, there isn’t any of that nonsense noodling and “look at me, I’m a Malmsteen wannabee # 4,993". They also seem to be on the same playing field as Djam Karet. The only difference, to me, is that KOPECKY stays more in the metal side of the genre. Now a double billing of the two bands would be a sonic delight. (Hint Hint to any prog promoters).

Kopecky deserves more exposure and hopefully with Sunset Gun and some nice reviews, they’ll get that exposure. Please help out if you will and buy a copy today.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 20th, 2004

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