Title: Orion: A Live Performance
Producted by: KOPECKY
Label/ Date: M.A.C.E. Music / 2001


1. Temptation's Screaming-Ground [9:23]
2. Smoke of Her Burning [3:58]
3. Scorpion [5:31]
4. Heaven's Black Amnesia [10:00]
5. Autumn Swirl [6:15]
6. Sky-Blue Hair [5:25]
7. Bartholomew's Kite [8:12]
8. Crimson Crime [4:40]

The Review:

My only exposure to Koepecky is from getting their self titled debut a year or so ago. I was very impressed on the sounds that this trio put out and often wondered how they would be able to perform the music live.

Well on Orion: A Live Performance my question was answered. Not only did the perform the music from both their CDs of which I have yet to own their secoond CD. They certainly made their songs sound more vibrant and alive.

William (bass and also provides the keyboards) and Paul (drums) provide a tight rhythm section while brother Joe shreds quite tastefully.

For those unaware, their music is basically instrumental progressive hard rock/metal with some symphonic orchestration. But they don't tread grounds by other prog-metal bands but rather set standards for others to follow.

Prog-metal is such an odd subgenre where sometimes frowned upon by prog purists, but both prog & metal have similar roots like distant cousins. When I hear the term progressive "rock" I expect it to ROCK! And the brothers Kopecky don't let my ears down.

This recording was done from a concert on April 1st, 2000 at the legendary Orion Studios in Baltimore, and from the sound of the audience this was an excellent night in prog history.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2003

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