Artist/ Band: Kevin Moore
Title: Ghost Book
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Kevin Moore is mostly known for his Dream Theater days, his solo project Chroma Key and the current “supergroup” O.S.I. Now he goes solo in 2004 with a soundtrack release called Ghost Book. According to the promo sheet, Ghost Book is a Turkish horror movie and the maker wanted Kevin to do the soundtrack. The music on Ghost book is mostly under the 5 minute mark and ranges from surrealistic ambient sounds to aggressive metallic assaults. Basically, the music is a cross between what he’s already done with the aforementioned bands but in a soundtrackish vein. I’m very curious to seeing this movie as I’m an avid horror movie fan.

There are some vocal parts from Kevin as well as a female vocalist, whom I can't find her name in the booklet or website. This is a very moody album and might not be a regular rotation but when it is, it’s played loud. This is a must for all Kevin Moore fans as well as fans of progressive based soundtracks.

To better understand what the movie is all about, below is a statement taken from InsideOut Music website.

A short word from the author:

Well, the script for the Turkish film, “Okul,” is a free adaptation of my book which is called “Hayalet Kitap” meaning “Ghost Book”. It was a novel which takes place in a university. Me and the directors decided to adapt it to a high school. Anyway, it was long, a little Stephen King-esque and a little Boris Vian-esque youth-horror-romance novel. The directors and I take some of the elements and make it more Scream-esque with a love theme, and more of a film that can be done in Turkey. This is the first horror-fantasy movie that has been done in Turkish cinema in a long time.
The movie has a lot of references to the university exam. This big exam is called "OSS,” it’s an exam which only takes 3 hours but every student’s future is based on it. It’s a big problem in the education system of Turkey. Another thing you may have a problem with are some jokes. When we watch American sitcoms we don’t get some jokes, in a similar way you may not understand some of the jokes in the script. I think the sense of humor in the movie is a mixture of Monty Python, a little South Park, post-Dumb & Dumber and the traditional Turkish humor.
When I started to write the novel in 1999, I was listening to Kevin Moore’s music. I am a big fan of his work. I am also a well-known music (actually rock and metal) writer in Turkey. There are 3 chapters in the book and before the first chapter there are some words taken from “Space Dye-Vest.” So I can say that his music kind of fused into my novel. When we were looking for guys who can do a soundtrack for this movie we were trading CDs with the Taylan Brothers. They know Dream Theater very well but they haven’t heard of Kevin Moore’s music after Dream Theater. So I gave them the O.S.I and Chroma Key stuff. They loved it. I mean, they adored it! One day, Durul Taylan put the O.S.I CD in and said that “our soundtrack must sound like this”. In the same day, a friend of mine from the Dream Theater Turkey fan club HOME, called me and said, “I talked to Kevin Moore, he is in Turkey, he will stay here!.” A game of destiny, or a joke from the cinema god, I don’t know but it happened. I wrote a novel while listening to his music, then I wrote a script and he had done the soundtrack for it. What can I say? “Okul” is a cute horror movie about dreams and you may be scared of ghosts, monsters, zombies or whatever, but don’t be afraid to dream. Because sometimes they become true and make you happy in this “sad, sad movie” we're all in.

I hope you enjoy the soundtrack and the movie,
Dogu Yucel

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 30th, 2004


1. Rhodes Song
2. Prayer Call
3. Piano Theme
4. Roof Access (Day)
5. Far Fara
6. P.S.
7. Library Noise
8. Overheard
9. Romantik
10. The Hecklers
11. Mirrors And Phones
12. Shall We Jump
13. Cowbloke
14. Erotik
15. Roof Access (Night)
16. Hallways And Light
17. Afterschool
18. Sad Sad Movie

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