Artist: Karma
Title: Running On Adenaline
Label/ Date: World Empire Records 2002


1. Complicated [4:02]
2. Believin' In [4:27]
3. Waiting For You [4:06]
4. Maybe [3:52]
5. Once Again [3:15]
6. The In Crowd [2:49]
7. Anymore [4:04]
8. The Other Side [2:34]
9. Greener [4:06]
10. The Worse Time [3:33]
11. Blame [4:30]
12. Please Anna [4:34]

The Review:

Karma is North Carolina's premier modern rock band done much in the vein of Nickleback, Creed, Puddle of Mudd & Pearl Jam (as I hear a bit of Eddie Vedder in Chris' vocals).

Although Karma is not progressive rock band it is an important independent alternative release.

I'm generally not into this style of music based on the amounts of progressive rock music I've heard over the years but it does have some powerful song writting and structure.

This is some great anthemic music. Balls to the walls old fashioned headbanging music. A nice alternative if you happened to be all progged out or you want something in your collection to appeal to your significiant other.

The single "Waiting For You" on October 8th, behind the offical release of "Running On Adrenaline" and I can see it climbing the charts and a possible staple on MTV & VH-1.

For some good ole rock'n'roll modernize, Karma is the band for you!

~Ron for [September 15th, 2002]

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Band Members:

Chris Starks - Lead Vocals, Guitar
David McGhee - Lead Guitar
Patrick Boyd - Bass
Paul Lamarr - Drums

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