Artist: John Young Band

Title: Live at the Classic Rock Society 2003

Produced by:

Label/ Date: Heritage Records/ 2003

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1. Significance
2. When I was Young
3. Just One Day
4. All Grown Up
5. Underside
6. Unknown Soldier
7. Childhoods End
8. Open Skies
9. Kings

The Review:

John Young’s live performance at the Classic Rock Society was recorded and is now available for all to hear. This is great news for those of us that couldn’t be there to share in the magic. Joining Young on keys and lead vocals, is Robin Boult (guitars), Dave Stewart (drums an vocals), both from the band of Fish and John Jowitt (bass and vocals, IQ, Jadis, ex-Arena).Since this recording John Jowitt has parted with the John Young Band.

The set includes a bunch of songs from his last solo cd Significance and all three songs from the mini album The Shape of Things to Come. The latter is a collection of more progressive based music. This is a fine collection of songs done with perfection live and with a full band rather than Mr. Young doing everything and handles only the keyboards and lead vocals on this.

Live at the CRS and Significance are both a great starting points for those wanting to hear John’s music. See the other reviews of John Young.

~Ron for [February 29th, 2004]

Band Members:

John Young - Keys, Lead vocals
Robin Boult - Guitars
John Jowitt - Bass, vocals
Dave Stewart - Drums, vocals

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