Artist/ Band: Jon Anderson
Title: Animation
Label: Opio Media
Year of Release: 2006 (1982 reissue)
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The Review:

So this is what Anderson was doing while he was on hiatus from Yes? It's great, and now Opio Media has finally re-released this, his third solo album, after all these years. Jon rocks a little harder on this album than he does on Olias of Sunhillow, which seems to be most everybody's favorite Anderson solo work. I like this one much better.

He sings with confidence and more power than on many Yes albums, and though there are less harmonies than usual, Jon's voice was never better. "Olympia" starts off the CD with soaring guitars and almost a march feel. "Animation," the title track, clocks in at over nine minutes and is my favorite track on the album. It's probably the closest to Yes music with its complicated rhythmic changes and epic scope.

Anderson's lyrics are much more down to earth and less fantastical on this album. It's quite evident on this piece about the birth of his child. "All In a Matter of Time" is probably the closest to straight pop he's done solo while still keeping his roots in check. "Boundaries" is another nice song, and is probably the most "Olias"-like on this album.

Ohio Media has also added for this CD release two songs not on the original record. “Spiders” was a b-side for two singles in the early eighties and “The Spell,” an unreleased song from the original recording sessions. An excellent album and a great one for even casual Yes fans who enjoy Anderson's voice.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on December 2nd, 2006


1. Olympia
2. Animation
3. Surrender
4. All In A Matter Of Time
5. Unlearning (The Dividing Line)
6. Boundaries
7. Pressure Point
8. Much Better Reason
9. All God's Children

Bonus tracks:

10. Spider
11. The Spell

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