Artist/ Band: John Hammond
Title: Live At The New Morning: Paris Concert
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Normally I don’t review artists outside of the progressive music genre so please forgive the shortness of this review. There’s a rare occasion that I feel the music on whole is important enough to review and this was the case with John Hammond’s new dvd from his performance on February 19th 2004 at the “New Morning” club in Paris.

I must admit to knowing nothing about John Hammond so I researched online to find he’s one of the most distinguished Blues musicians to grace the genre. You can also check out his page over at to hear his music.

After several viewings of the dvd, I have a better appreciation for the man and his music. If you’re a fan of acoustic based blues then look no further than John Hammond and this dvd.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 5th, 2006


1. Just Your Fool
2. Phonograph Blues
3. Fattening Frogs For Snakes
4. Get Behind The Mule
5. Who’s Loving You Tonight
6. Walking Blues
7. Come On in My Kitchen
8. Mother In Law Blues
9. Love Changing Blues
10. Spider & The Fly
11. Slick Down Vric
12. No Place To Go
13. Step It Up And Go
14. My Time After A While
15. Can’t Be Satisfied
16. Hard Time Killing Floor
17. I Whish You Would
18. She’s Tough
19. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
20. Homeless Blues
21. Someday Baby Blues
22. Maybeline
23. Fanin Street
24. Preaching Blues
25. Honest I Do

Bonus Materials
  • A candid interview piece entitled, “In conversation with John Hammond”

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