Artist/ Band: Jinetes Negros
Title: Jinetes Negros
Label: Viajero Inmovil
Year of Release: 2000 (2004 reissues)
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The Review:

Five years ago, Anima’s keyboard player Octavio Stampalia put together a new project with vocalist Marcelo Ezcurra; the new quintet, dubbed Jinetes Negros (Black Riders). Rounding out the line-up was guitarist Pablo Robotti, bassist Marcelo Vaccaro, and drummer Christian Colaizzo.

Their self titled debut, has the band bordering between hard rock and metal with a symphonic touch. Top notch instrumentation and composing, although the fact that it’s sung in Spanish might not attract a wider audience base to it. On this reissue there’s a bonus video track so people can get an idea on how these guys look and sound other than on CD.

The packaging is just like all of the other releases on Viajero Inmovil, a mini-gatefold format. I personally don’t like this format as the covers can get damaged easier and how does one replace such a thing? Anyways this is a slightly different style of music that Viajero Inmovil usually releases, but a nice variety is always nice especially with a high quality sound.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 26th, 2005


1. El Jinete Negro
2. La Anciana
3. Cinco Tigres
4. Floreces, Tiemblas Y Te Vas
5. Un Verano Al Sol
6. Soldados De Fuego
7. Sacro-Cielo
8. El Rey
9. Floreces, Tiemblas Y Te Vas [bonus track – alternate version]
10. Soldados De Fuego [bonus track – alternate version]

Bonus – La Anciana [MPEG videoclip]

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