Artist/ Band: Jerry Gaskill
Title: Come Somewhere
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Jerry Gaskill, drummer for Kings X goes solo with Come Somehwere. I’d admit I’m vaguely familar with Kings X so I can’t make that many compariosnos to the band but I can give you an idea of what to expect on Jerry’s solo debut. You will not find anything progressive by most people’s standards but you will find a collection of well crafted pop songs with some progressive touches here and there. Jerry is joined by fellow Kings X bandmate, Ty Tabor, who did guitars and bass as well as being the producer. Jerry handles all drums, piano and vocals, and the guitar work is shared by Jerry and Ty . Upon listening to it and seeing that the musicians are 2 thirds of Kings X that this would could almost come off as a Kings X recording according to Jerry. In all honestly, I’ll never understand when a member of a band goes solo that he or she doesn’t go outside of the band to get players. To me it would help in developing a personality outside of the said band. The songs on this album are very ‘pleasant’ to the ear and could easily get some commerical exposure if promoted right. This won’t impress the “complex ” prog fan mainly because it revolves around short, melodic song oriented tracks with a very limited keyboard presence.

On the InsideOut Music page they have a stetment from King’s X frontman, Doug Pinnick, praising the record and he goes on ot saying that “Its like a good Beatles album. John and George should be proud.” I agree with that statement and think it's a good selling point but mind you this CD has a grungy style guitar sound throughout that might sway listeners away from that. If that didn’t convice you, then please go to Jerry’s site and hear for yourself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 31st, 2004


1. The Kids (3:39)
2. She's Cool (3:22)
3. Johnny's Song (2:24)
4. No Love (4:29)
5. L.A. Flight (2:24)
6. Faulty Start (3:13)
7. All The Way Home (3:29)
8. Crazy (3:18)
9. Garden Stroll (1:25)
10. Walk Alone (3:33)
11. Every Day (2:53)
12. Gallop (3:06)
13. Hello Mrs. (2:40)
14. I Saw You Yesterday (3:53)
15. Face the Day (3:48)

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