Artist: Jeff Sherman

Title: Home

Produced by: Jeff Sherman

Label/ Date: Relentless Pursuit Records/ 2003

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1. Burying Euphoria [12:35]
2. Home [3:35]
3. The Apes and The Auroras [18:40]
4. Rainy Day [24:01]

The Review:

Jeff continues where he left off on Above ANd Beyond, this time he has a special guest to help him out. Just imagine being able to work with one of your musical hereos. Well Jeff got that chance with Hugh Hoppper.

Home sounds a bit more modern that Above And Beyond which shows Jeff's ability to grow as a musician. A rareity in this day of age where most rest on their musical laurels.

Jeff treads in a genre of msuic that I'm not fully aware of so my insight would be vague in describing this wonderful body of work. Musically this is to be heard stariaght through and with headphones to capture the sounds. And if you like, turn the lights out to add the journey. I beleiev there are some samples on Jeff's website, so listen and see that Jeff Sherman is one of the best underated compsoer/musicians of our day.

~Ron for [January 13th, 2004]

The artists comments about this CD:

Consider the idea that the energy that is creation might be an enormous river that runs through the very fabric of the human soul. And that all souls are thusly connected. Then picture we humans spread out on its banks with our creative tools, our metaphoric fishing polls "pulling" art, be it aural (music of all kinds), written (books and poetry), visual (painting, drawing,), tactile (sculpture, architecture etc.) from its depths. People who are more sensitive - like artists - are better equipped and more experienced anglers and therefore "catch" more! If you can imagine this far, then consider that if one part of an art piece - one "fish" - escaped one angler would it not be possible that another could then catch it further down the bank? Or that it could even be recaptured by the same person again as time and the river run their cyclical routes?

"Home" is a collection of "little fishes" - bits and pieces that have formed a touchstone for me - a place to return to. Some of this catch have waited thirty years for me to "re-catch" them. Of course there are new concepts, discoveries, sounds and ideas. And even a composition co-authored by Progressive Music legend Hugh Hopper! We accomplished this fete in the same manner Hugh has been using for working with all sorts of writers lately. That is to say "trans-Atlantically". By sending music files (or "noodlings" as Hugh calls them) across the ocean to each other on CD-Rs. Bouncing things off each other and generally having a great time. I met Hugh at the inaugural The Progman Cometh Festival last August and found him to be a most open minded and warm gent. The fact that he played bass and wrote songs for one of my biggest musical influences - Soft Machine - may have had a little to do with my wanting to record with him. He's a true innovator and I feel The Fates have favored me by allowing this collusion to occur!

j.s. 6/17/2003


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