Artist: Jeff Sherman
Title: Above & Beyond
Producted by: Jeff Sherman
Label/ Date: Relentless Pursuit Records/ 2002


1. Above [1:30]
2. Beyond [2:19]
3. Miles, Monk and Mom [2:40]
4. Heavens Reply [11:02]
5. Big Sur 9-14-00 [12:01]
6. Autasia Part 1 [29:31]

The Review:

Glass's main man, Jeff Sherman decided to release his first solo CD in the summer of 2002 entitled, Above & Beyond. A mixture of short and long pieces that can be categorized as both ambient and classical with some electronic instrumentation.

The longest piece on the CD, Autasia part 1, is alone worth the price of admission has a surrealistic vibe to it with the inclusion of spoken word and classical music excepts added in. Almost sounds like it could be part of a soundtrack to a surrealistic dream.

Jeff Sherman shows off here that he is an amazing composer as well as a multi instrumentalist building music from scratch rater than totally relying on computers that are readily available for "one-man-bands". And in my opinion, that is a rare find now-a-days.

Jeff describes the music of Above and Beyond as "organic creations". Along with it's mellow side there's a counter-balanced by chaotic noises. So if you like mellow based music the this will definitely be a welcomed addition to your collection.

"Do yourself a favor and listen to them in the dark with your favorite stereo headphones. If you find yourself being transported elsewhere, I have fulfilled a deeper purpose."
j.s. 6/22/2002

~Ron for [February 28th, 2003]

Band Members:

Jeff Sherman - All instruments
Greg Sherman - acoustic piano on Autasia Part 1 (a piece called "Astral")
Paul Black - Maracas on "Astral"

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