Artist/ Band: Jose Del Rio
Title: Journey Into The Fourth Dimension
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

“Journey Into the Fourth Dimension” is an all-star instrumental project featuring awesome artists from many different countries. Among them the excellent guitarist José L. del Río from Chile, the impressive keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij from Ukraine and singer Pilar Aguilera. Of a length of almost one hour, it will leave you breathtaking from the beginning till the end. A musical jewel. A great journey in your own fantasy.

Phew! What a CD! You have no idea how ENERGETIC is the music. I’m not so used to listen to neoclassical, but it’s a style definitely special, ultra sophisticated, complicated and good to listen when you have a surplus of energy.

I had never heard of José L. del Río before, but you can be sure I will check him more closely in the future. His musical talent as a guitarist made my jaw drop in amazement! Only for that, you MUST get the album. I think the same about Vitalij Kuprij. They are the strength of the project. Those instruments are played EXTREMELY fast, with power and vitality. Pilar Aguilera also sings opera on “Nel Mezzo Del Cammir”, the only track with vocals. Good one, too! All these are names to remember.

My favourite tracks are:

  • “Epic Dramatic for Electric Guitar & Keyboards” a fantastic twelve-minute-blend of styles and variations. Melodic, neoclassical, progressive. It has everything you may be looking for.
  • “Battlefields of Glory” is incredible especially for the guitars. The last two minutes of the song are melodious just the way I like it. And it begins with little birds singing.
  • “Oriental Fantasy” stays faithful to its title. It has a beautiful Persian vibe all along the song.
  • “Through the Darkness”, which is a bit softer than most of the other ones – apart maybe from “Beyond the Pillars of Hercules ” and “Psychophony” - and has staggering keys at the beginning.
  • “Nel Mezzo Del Cammir” has impressive soprano female vocals.

But really, all of them are excellent. This is a noticeable project, which differentiates itself from many others of the kind. In my opinion, this unconventional album deserves 10/10 for its deepness and above all awesome instrumental performances.

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on September 2nd, 2006


1- Introduction
2- Phantom Shadows
3- Battlefields of Glory
4- Oriental Fantasy
5- Through the Darkness
6- Dremas of Wizdom and Prophecy
7- “Epic Dramatic” for Electric Guitar & Keyboards
8- Psychophony
9- Journey Into The Fourth Dimension
10- Nel Mezzo Del Cammir
11- Beyond the Pillars of Hercules
12- Flight of the Bimblebee (Bonus Track)

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