Artist/ Band: Jasun Tipton
Title: Seduction
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Apart from his other metal bands “Zero Hour” and “Death Machine”, the very talented guitarist Jasun Tipton also released an instrumental side project, or solo album, last year called “Seduction”. His twin brother (and bassist) Troy Tipton collaborates with him on the album, along with drummers John Perrine and Sean Flanegan, guitarist Scott McGill (only on the last track) and Dino Alden, who produced, engineered and mixed the album (he also added some voices on the track “Ya La Blu Tibia”). In addition of playing guitars on “Seduction”, Jasun composed, arranged all the tracks and played the keys on it. What a versatile artist!

“Seduction” is the kind of album you listen to RELAX. Even though the tracks can be played with a lot of speed sometimes, like in “Question & Answer II” for example, there is absolutely nothing aggressive in it. NEVER. It’s jazzy, smooth, coloured, extremely emotive and above all very sexy. The notes and vibes come to pick you up deep inside and this does a magical effect. This is the perfect album to listen before to go to sleep, or to listen simply with the eyes closed. To listen while sitting by the hearth with a glass of wine or over a candlelit dinner. Just to relax and to spend a good time. I’d say it’s even more appreciable to listen to it with your partner because the music breathes love. It’s romantic, erotic and suave. Very beautiful music to listen to.

“Christina”, “The Way You Move”, “Slow Dancing”, “Sunrise” and “Ya La Blu Tibia” are probably my favourite pieces, but I’ll be totally honest with you when I say that EVERY SINGLE TRACK is beautiful, calming and worth the listening. Jasun wrote such wonderful music, tinged with sensuality, sweetness and love; deep feelings we guess to be dedicated to his beautiful and sweet love Christina. There is no need of lyrics here, the notes themselves do the job magnificently.

About “Ya La Blu Tibia”, I asked Jasun which was his feeling about it and which was the reason he entitled that song that way…He replied: “Ya La Blu Tibia means I love you in Russian. I'm so fortunate to have amazing people around me. I have many beautiful people in my life...Loved ones and friends and for me to create and perform music I love is an amazing gift I've received. Ya La Blu Tibia has all these attributes and when I listen to it and hear my brother’s bass solo with Dino's vocal chanting over the material, it gives me the feeling I love to feel in life. […] that tune […] makes me reflect on the great, positive vibes I have towards life and that song.”

On that, I could reply: congratulations for your awesome work, Jasun! Because you really succeeded to channel this special vibe to us and thus, allow us to live and release, transpose these feelings in our own lives and situations.

I rate “Seduction” 10/10 for its great quality and sensitivity. Every instrument and note is played perfectly. I strongly recommend this instrumental album to anyone! It could fit anyone in need of relaxation. You’ll get 48 minutes of great and pure enjoyment!

And it’s really what is it: SEDUCTION.

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on August 24th, 2006


1- Tears From the Moon
2- Seduction
3- Question & Answer
4- A Rise of Tension
5- Christina
6- Falling From the Sky
7- The Way You Move
8- Slow Dancing
9- Sunrise
10- Ya La Blu Tibia
11- Question & Answer II

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