Artist/ Band: Jared Young
Title: Several Shots at Redemption
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Jared Young was born in Arkansas but lives in Hermosa Beach, California now. His brand of pop falls under the singer/songwriter side. I was reluctant in reviewing this but the music reminded me of the more accessible side of say Kevin Gilbert or Nick DiVirgilio. He has put out several releases , So Many Miles (2006), Hurray for Underdogs EP (2005), Authentic EP (2003), and his self titled debut Jared Young (2001). In early 2009, he released a 12 track album called, Several Shots at Redemption.

The music is quite simplistic in comparison to other music I listen to but I think a balance of styles is important. Jared Young gives music fans like me a more melodic, less complex outlet. Hes not the average of the lot and should appeal to the adult alternative sounds of Elvis Costello, and Coldplay or the softer side of Silverchair. Several Shots At Redemption is really worth looking into. Just check out the samples on his MySpace page.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 15th, 2009


01. It's Alright It's Over
02. Summer Rain
03. More Than Perfect
04. Meant To Be
05. Over And Done
06. I Still Burn
07. Julie
08. People R Strange
09. Good Things, Bad People
10. Breaking Out Of Me
11. Feed The Machine
12. End Of The Stage

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