Artist: Jamison Young

Title: Shifting Sands of a Blue Car

Produced by: Peter Wells, Tim Powles, Antonio Dixon

Label/ Date: Nautillus Music/ 2002

Nautilus Music website


1. How far
2. Crush
3. Memories Child
4. Top of the Hill
5. Carry the World
6. Soldiers of Happiness
7. Live on a Moon
8. Cold World
9. Steps beyond
10. Islands
11. Solar System
12. Walk the Street

The Review:

Hailing from Sydney Australia, Jamison Young’s latest effort on the Nautilus Music label, Shifting Sands of a Blue Car has a nice blend of folk, techno, retro and even some progressive moments which really defies categories for the mainstream world. Although not complex, the music here, unlike most mainstream artistc shows off new sounds with a very fresh aprroach. Jamison could be a beacon of hope for the mainstream world that wants something slightly different that already served. This is a nice bridge between progressive and commericalised music. Highly recommended for fan’s of such artsts as Peter Gabriel, Sting and Elton John to name a few.

~Ron for [January 13th, 2004]

Band Members:

Peter Wells, Antonio Dixon, Tim Powles - Programming, keyboard, bass
Jamison Young, Antonio Dixon, Mike Coen - Guitar
Tim Powles - Live Drums
plus various musicians see website)

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