Artist/ Band: Jaime Rosas/ Jaime Rosas Trio
Title: Virgo/ Extremos
Label: Antartica Records/Virus Music
Year of Release: 2003/ 2004

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1. Plegari
2. Uno
3. Dos
4. Tres
5. Cuatro
6. LLuvia
Breves Piezas Rockeras
7. Uno
8. Dos
9. Tres
10. Cuatro
11. Cinco

1. Breves Piezas Rockeras VI
2. Breves Piezas Rockeras VII
3. Sonido Vital Uno
4. Breves Piezas Rockeras VIII
5. Breves Piezas Rockeras IX
6. Sonido Vital Dos
7. Breves Piezas Rockeras X
8. Tiempos de Paz
9. Viajero Astral

The Review:

Jaime Rosas, ex-keyboardist for the Chilean prog-rock band Entrance, a Rush tribute band called H Sur and his own Jaime Rosas Trio (also reviewed by link) has crafted an instrumental symphonic rock album with a beautiful vocal track, “Lluvia” done by Jaime Scalpello in Spanish. Even though I barely understand theSpanish language, I don’t think it would have sounded better if done in English.

Virgo features 11 tracks divided into four sections spread over 58 minutes. The two epics (done in separate sections), the surrealist soundtrack like “Sinfonia” and the more aggressive “Breves Piezas Rockeras” are reason enough to purchase this cd. There’s even “sequels” on a part two of Virgo, entitled “Extremos”. It’s recorded under the moniker of Jaime Rosas Trio.

I had a chance to see JRT perform at Baja Prog in Mexicali, Mexico, in March 2004 and I rather enjoyed it even though I kept hearing views of JRT to be on the bland side. The keyboard based trio format has been done before so that might be other’s reasons why they didn’t think highly of Jaime Rosas' music. I thoroughly enjoyed the music and would recommend both releases!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 13th, 2004

Band Members:

Jaime Rosas - Keyboards
Jaime Scalpello - Vocals

Jaime Rosas - Keyboards
Rodrigo Godoy - Bass, guitar, Vocals
Alex Von Chrismar - Drums

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