Artist: Jack Yello

Title: Thorn of Anger

Produced by: Jack Yello

Label/ Date: Progrock Records/ 2003


1. Inspiring Confidence (Part I) [9:56]
2. Shadows of A Nightingale (Part II) [7:16]
3. Game Show [6:28]
4. The Unknown Soldier [7:43]
5. The Old Warrior (Part V) [4:37]
6. The Bridge [9:00]
7. Before [5:59]
8. Igraine (Part IV) [6:44]
9. Take My Heart [9:27]
10. Emoyional Suicide (Take My Heart Part II) [9:22]
11. Faces To Faces (Outro) [1:35]

The Review:

Jack Yello's style harkens back to the 80's British neo prog style combined with a modern metallic sound. The songs are on the longish side, just under 10 minutes. There is NO filler, just pure neo prog bliss from the first to last note.

Thorns of Anger is a well produced debut that follows similar musical roads travelled by such bands as Marillion, IQ and Arena. Especially with Marillion in both lyrical and song delivery. There some memorable hooks and melodies throughout the disc. Some songs are quite infectious.

Thorn of Anger is a welcomed addition to my music collection. I will say that this is recommended to those that enjoy neo prog genre especially the afore mentioned bands.

~Ron for [August 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Dirk Hulpert - Bass
Uwe Ziegler - Keyboards
Dirk Bovensiepen - Vocals
Lutz Grosser - Guitars
Uwe Poprawa - Drums

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