Artist/ Band: Jack Foster III
Title: Tame Until Hungry
Label: Wrapped-Muse Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Jack Foster III returns with his third album entitled "Tame Until Hungry" and I’ll say his strongest to date! The music this time seems to be more focused which crosses over to prog to rock to pop, sometimes within the same song. It also features more of a heavier guitar element on several songs.

Joining Foster once again are veteran producers Trent Gardner (Magellan, Explorer's Club) and Robert Berry (3, GTR, ELP). This time it sounds more like a band effort rather than Jack and guests. These three musicians, in my opinion can and should continue to work together since they’re all on the same page. Trent and Robert’s contributions are done in a way that they don’t dominate the sound.

My favorite song on the album is The Solution, an exciting modern rock sound mixed with a little bit of progressive rock . Each song on Tame Until Hungry flows much better than the previous efforts. One interesting song choice on the album is a cover tune by Cole Porter titled Every Time We Say Goodbye. This was performed by Fosters former singing group Full House featuring San Francisco Opera star Cliff Romig.

I have to recommend “Tame Until Hungry” to fans of the music of Robert Berry & Trent Gardner and the bands they’ve been involved with.. I really hope Jack continues musically from this point onward, well maybe with some more progressive rock elements. Anyways, just go get the CD, you’ll enjoy it over and over!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 14th, 2007


1. No Tears Left For Cryin'
2. The Solution
3. Civilized Dog
4. One Dark Angel
5. Mourning Glory
6. Bloodstone
7. Broken Hallelujah
8. Heart and Mind
9. Inside My Mind
10. Limbo and Flux
11. Rainbow Asylum
12. Everytime We Say Goodbye

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