Artist/ Band: Jack Foster III
Title: Raptorgnosis
Label: Muse-Wrapped Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

In 2004, I got a chance to review Jack Foster IIIís debut Evolution of Jazzraptor and now about a year later I get the honor of reviewing his second album Raptorgnosis. Aside form the similar album titles, the musical direction on Raptorgnosis is more accessible than Jazzraptor which had a obvious jazz leaning..Jack continues his collaboration with Magellanís Trent Gardner and producer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Berry.

On Raptorgnosis thereís more of a Magellan feel to it than on the previous album, Jazzraptor. Depending on your point of view, opinions may vary on this. My opinion is that both Jack and Trent combined with Robert create some of the better song oriented progressive/rock music to date. For some other comparisons outside the Gardener/Berry connection, I found that some of Jackís vocals reminds me of Guy Manning.

This is not a ground-breaking or over-the-top album but itís a nice change from the overproduced and overdone album of late. While Jack rocks out on most songs, thereís a singer/songwriter quality to his music. I am fond of a few songs on this album including the first track, Ebb And Flow as well as Heaven On Earth. These are the more accessible of the bunch.

Even though I enjoy Trent Gardner is singing, I think that Jackís voice should be the main voice in every song, especially since this is his solo album. I donít mind Trent or anyone for that matter backing him up. Having said that this is one of the more enjoyable albums of 2005. This is recommended to the fans of the afore mentioned bands as well as the pop tinged progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 13th, 2005


1. Ebb And Flow
2. Heaven On Earth
3. Koan
4. Worst Enemy
5. Sense of Static
6. Tremble
7. Love Goes Round
8. Mean Solar Day
9. Love Loss
10. Gnosis
11. Strange New Muse
12. Lost in the Moon

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