Artist: Jack Foster III

Title: Evolution of Jazzraptor

Produced by: Trent Gardner

Label: Muse-Wrapped Records

Year of Release: 2003

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1. Bohemian Soul
2. Cat's Got Nine
3. Feel It When I Sting
4. The Shy Ones
5. Tiger Bone Wine
6. Dream With You
7. Lucifer's Rat
8. Everytime You Smile
9. Nirvana in the Notes

The Review:

Jack Foster’s debut CD “Evolution of Jazzraptor” goes through many styles including Jazz, Prog, blues, and some hard rock. Jack is joined by Trent Gardener ( Magellan, Explorers Club) in production as well as keyboards throughout and Robert Berry (3, solo) on guitar, bass and drums. I’ve read that some think the variety of styles wouldn’t be appealing to prog rock fans but I have to disagree. The main reason why, is that this CD “progresses” beyond the traditional sense of Progressive rock. It seems most (sorry for generalizing) older more established fans can’t fathom a non ELP, Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull or Gentle Giant based style. I also think, that given a chance, Jack Foster could be a name in progressive music in years to come. It’s one of those CDs that needs to grow on you so it may take several spins if you have the patience.

Sadly this probably will be overshadowed and become one of 2003's under-rated releases. So do yourself a big favor and purchase a copy today.

~Ron for [February 29th, 2004]

Band Members:

Jack Foster III - Vocals, guitars
Robert Berry - Bass, Drums, Guitars (track 1, 3, 6-8) Bass, drums (Track 4)
Trent Gardner - Keys (Tracks 1, 3-8) trombone (track 1), percussion (Track 2), Moog bass (Track 9)
Ken Stout - Sax
David Ristrim - Dobro and pedal steel (Track 2)
Jeff Curtis - Guitars, harmonica (Track 4)
John Cappobianco - Trumpet (Track 7)
Shelly Berg - Piano (Track 9)
Andy Eberhard - Drums (Track 9)

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