Artist/ Band: Iona
Title: Live In London
Label: Open Sky Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Okay I must admit to being a ďnewbieí to Iona. Iíve heard of them and their influence on bands such as Mostly Autumn, Karnatka, The Mermaid Kiss and Magenta to name a few. My only exposure to the band is through Dave & Troyís solo albums. So for me the Live In London dvd is my introduction to the band. The DVD consists of the bandís first full-length concert video, filmed at the ULU in London on the 18th November 2004. It was captured especially for a DVD release. Here fans get to see the band in a live setting, which is a plus for those that were either not at the show seen the band live. For those that were at the show, itís also fantastic DVD to relive over and over.

Itís said that Iona is the band that started the Celtic rock movement and in many ways the most pure. Theyíre able to combine the traditional Celtic folk with guitar driven rock music. This is one of my favorite DVD releases so far from 2006 and itís obvious that long time fans must have this. Itís also a perfect introduction to the band and for those like myself, will be enjoy discovering the many Iona releases. I would recommend it played loud or on headphones for the full effect.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 19th, 2006


Disc One - Main Programme:
1. Woven Cord
2. Wave After Wave
3. Inside My Heart
4. Wind Off The Lake
5. A Dhia Ghleigil (Angel Of God)
6. Factory Of Magnificent Souls
7. Encircling
8. Strength
9. Treasure
10. Castlerigg
11. Reels
12. Irish Day
13. Bi-Se I Part 2
14. Flight Of The Wild Goose
15. Murlough Bay

Disc Two - Acoustic Set:
1. Chi-Rho
2. Greenfields Of Canada
3. Edge Of The World
4. Jigs (Handsome Young Maidens/Trip To Athlone), Today
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