Artist/ Band: Hugh Hopper
Title: Numero D'Vol
Label: Moon June Records
Year of Release:
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The Review:

Hugh Hopper's latest release, ‘Numero D'Vol’ is quite a different beast musically than on Soft Machine Legacy's Steam, which is on the same label (MoonJune Records). It’s actually heavier in parts, due to Hugh’s fuzzy bass. In fact, ‘Numero D'Vol’ seems to be more on par with the band Bone, that Hugh was involved with a few years back. Joining Hugh are Simon Picard (tenor sax), Steve Franklin (keyboards) and Charles Hayward (drums). As a whole they sound great together, like a well oiled machine.

Even though I am not that familiar with Hugh’s work, I did find it to be very enjoyable especially with it’s modern approach to the jazz genre. For those that steer clear of jazz music, this one is for you as well as fans of Hugh Hopper’s collective works. You simply must get this album ASAP! Recommended indeed!!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 11th, 2008


1. Numero D'Vol
2. On The Spot
3. Earwigs Enter
4. Free Bee
5. Get That Tap
6. Bootz
7. Shovelfeet
8. Bees Knees Man
9. Straight Away
10. Twilight
11. Some Other Time

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