Artist/ Band: Hubi Meisel
Title: Kailash
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Hubi Meisel is definitely THE greatest and most inspiring artist that I have ever heard about - in any sphere of music. To be 100% honest, he’s my favourite one because his music really means something important. What he writes is not a simple “suite of words without soul or emotions” that we find so frequently nowadays. Hubi Meisel’s work is very special and unique, no matter what he did till now. Above all, I love concept albums in general, but the ones he products are specifically touching for the message of love, peace and hope they’re spreading. And I like the fantasy that is mixed with reality and History through his stories and adventures, which are always filled with positivism, life, cultures, essences, colours and images. If you let yourself go in his worlds a little bit, you really can feel all this very easily – through the excellent lyrics, music and of course, pure vocals! I’m simply speechless about "KAILASH".

It’s been almost two months now that I have the album in hands, I surely listened to it a million times already and I still really can’t find the words to speak about "KAILASH", because it’s too “profound” and it’s very difficult to explain such a feeling with only words. The only way you could understand its feeling is…by feeling it yourself – all the elements together: music, lyrics, vocals. Nothing can really be dissociated.

I tell you, a sort of positive energy emanates so strong from it that it would be almost impossible not to understand the album. And the best way to understand it is to FEEL it. If you like deep and complex concepts, you’ll love this one too, FOR SURE !!!! It’s far from being “ordinary”! The concept is very beautiful and everything fits PERFECTLY together…It’s not very difficult to see why Hubi’s projects take so long to be out: the taste is there completely – and the quality too! Probably all the passion and time (and research!) involved in it form a perfect combination to give such a perfect result !! Talent, passion, time…great, great, great !! :-)

Till now, only Hubi’s concept albums succeeded to touch me so deep. That guy is simply amazing !! While “EmOcean” brings you to the depths of the ocean, “Kailash” brings you to the top of the Himalayas…and on the way for another great and passionate adventure, amazing quest towards spiritual and human evolution and improvement, towards a world of light, understanding, union and love! While “EmOcean” was related to the “water element”, “Kailash” is more related to “air and Earth elements”. Which brings me to say that the difference I see first on the musical side, between the two albums is that the former was more relaxing and calm, while the latter is more, let’s say, spicy and ethnical. Not harder, because it’s really relaxing too, but I found it a bit more “spicy”. Yes, it’s really the only word that comes to my mind to describe the music. And both albums are very magical, spiritual, full of legends and mystical. A very nice mix of emotions and completion…this album is a real jewel, just as the other one!

Well, really, my first goal here is not to make comparisons between “EmOcean” and “KAILASH”, simply because these are two completely different stories and concepts and anyway…both are so great pieces of work, that it’s just impossible to say which album is the best one. At least, I’m not able to choose one. I don’t like one more than the other, both are as impressive and touching as each other. But it’s just that they reach you on a different level. I listen to both albums as often as each other, and never ever got tired of any of them...and never will, for sure! For me, “KAILASH” is a perfect heal for the soul and a perfect “tonic” for bad days.

As for my favourite songs, well, this part will be very very short as I can’t decide at all: I like all of them equally. REALLY! Can’t choose one at all. I’d easily rate them all 10/10! Nevertheless, I was very touched at straight by the last song “The Great Prayer” (because it’s very sweet and I love the mood of it). Argh, it’s very difficult, but I’ll try to tell you which ones I like the most for these aspects: I think 10/10 is a poor result for such an album, but I can’t rate it higher, so... ;-)

I give it 10/10 and would suggest it to ANYONE who loves quality music and wonderful progressive! I don’t regret that purchase at all and would recommend it to everyone. The story itself is amazingly well written through Hubi’s lyrics (nothing new about it) and I just cannot imagine someone not being touched by it.

I think we could drop a whole review only to talk about Vivian Lalu’s music, too. I think he really surpassed himself in this album! :-O Reviewed by Vikie Martel on April 25th, 2006


1- Potala Palace [4:53]
2- Red Oracle [4:21]
3- Snow Lion [4:56]
4- Himalayan Sunset [5:19]
5- Shiva’s Dance [4:02]
6- Kailash – Jewel of Ice [5:25]
7- Wheel of Life [10:27]
I. Heartland
II. A Living Mandala
III. The Ascent
8- Milarepa’s Cave of Miracles [4:40]
9- Merdeka [3:42]
10- The Great Prayer (Monlam Chenmo) [5:14]

11- The Gentleman of Great Magic [05:30]
12- Tigers of Everest [04:10]

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