Artist: Hubi Meisel
Title: EmOcean
Label: Lion Music
Date: 2004

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1. Lost in the waters of Sargasso [04:48]
2. Poseidonís Trident [05:19]
3. Nocturnal Breeze [04:23]
4. Dolphinís Wake [04:24]

5. Underwater Fears [03:33]
6. FantaSea [04:07]
7. The Souls of Atlantis [12:57]
8. Sapientia Vitae [05:51]
9. Azure Dreams (instrumental) [02:07]

10. Aqua Phoenix [03:42] 11. Aero Nautical [04:18]
12. EmOcean [06:14]

13. Crystal MooN
14. Tears of an enchanted sea

The Review:

German vocalist Hubi Meisel follows in the grand tradition of Arjen Lucassen by creating an amazing sci-fi progressive metal conceptual album, EmOcean. While there isnít a cast of guest vocalists, Hubi does create a wide range of vocal sounds that makes up for that. He has, however, assembled an all-star cast of progressive metal musicians for EmOcean. Joining Hubi are Vivien Lalu ( Shadrane) on keys, Marcel Coenen ( Sun Caged) on guitars, Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) on drums, and Jean B. Affonco on bass.

The concept of EmOcean is about a man and his unusual encounter with Poseidon while traversing the Sargasso Sea. Poseidon appears and takes him down beneath the sea to the long lost civilization of Atlantis. There he feels the presence of the lost souls telepathically conveying a warning to him, a message about the meaning of all life and the nearly irreparable damages brought forth through the centuries by mankind. With this message from the ocean floor, our hero returns to the land above the sea to spread his message to the world. EmOcean is a beautifully well crafted musical journey that will win over fans of progressive metal based conceptual albums. It is one of four new releases that Lion Music has broken their neo-classical metal formula with. The other three are from Condition Red, Mister Kite and Sun Caged.

Fans of melodic, progressive metal as well as rock operas, this disc does the genre proud and stays clear of the cheese factor too.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on March 17th, 2004

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