Artist: Heon

Title: Electro-Acoustic Requiem

Produced by: Martin Heon

Label/ Date: Unicorn Records/ 2003


1. Death [3:59]
2. Reaching For The Sky [2:27]
3. Amazed By Beauty [2:50]
4. Melancholy [2:46]
5. Purgatory [2:29]
6. The Trial [2:42]
7. The Verdict [3:10]
8. The Punishment [2:40]
9. Hell [3:55]
10. Absolution Of Sins [3:27]
11. Heaven [2:52]
12. Back To Life [6:37]

The Review:

The latest Unicorn Records release is Electro-Acoustic Requiem by Heon, is a guitar based project by Martin Heon, another wonderul French-Canadian musician.

Martin experiments with his guitar and shows how the sounds beyond it's intended design. To get those sounds, he uses a Fender Strat, srewdriver, screws, saw and nails all recorded ona PC Pentium III 500mhz. The software he used ; Cubase VST, Wavelab and Wave plug-ins.

Sometimes the sounds created give off the impression of different instruments such as a drum or organ. By this, Martin creates some very beaufitul and haunting instrumental soundscapes.

Martin's unique guitar playing is on par with the likes of Robert Fripp where as he goes beyond what is expected of him. Pushing the envelop.

Each of the 12 songs tells a "concept", about our existence, life & death. The running time for each is about 3 minutes with the exception of the final track "Back To Life" which is about 6 and a half minutes.

The instrumentation is amazing but I'd like to hear Martin release something in a band format utilizing the experients on Electro-Acoustic Requiem.

In closing, if you want something different to listen to from time to time then do yourself a favor and pick-up a copy of Electro-Acoustic Requiem.

It's a nice addition to any progressive music lover's collection.

~Ron for [August 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Richard Heon - Guitar

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