Artist/ Band: Henning Pauly
Title: Credit Where Credit Is Due
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Henning Pauly is better known as the man behind the Frameshift project and his main band, Chain. In these works, Henning has shown us with his work so far that he is one of the better multi-instrumentalists within the progressive metal genre. Now with his second solo album, Credit Where Credit is Due is a homage to the heavy metal genre, especially the output of nu-metal bands such as Linkiní Park and industrial metal bands such as, NIN.

Most of the album deals with running themes of being accepted and getting proper credit for oneís work within the music community, hence the title of the album. The whole album has a nice flow to it up until the untitled bonus track, which should have been left off or done in a multi-media format. Maybe this is a private joke from Henning especially with the all German narrative passages. Since I donít speak or understand German, I have no clue as to what is being said.

On this album, Henning could have used any number of vocalists heís used in the past but he chose a unknown (to me at least) vocalists names Juan Roos. Henning describes Juanís voice as a blend of Geoff Tate and David Coverdale. This is a pretty accurate description without coming off as a copy-cat of those two greats.

As said before, if youíre looking for a progressive metal album here, you wonít find one but if youíre a fan of Henningís guitar work, youíll enjoy the route he takes on Credit Where Credit Is Due. One day Iíd really like to hear him do something in the less crunchy chug-a-lug style heís known for, or even the long awaited Baby Steps project I heard so much about.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 28th, 2006


1. Your Mother Is A Trucker
2. Cure The Breach
3. Three
4. Scheislauthartwiedreck
5. I Don't Wanna Be A Rock Star
6. Six
7. Seven
8. Radio Sucks
9. Halo
10. Copyright Conspiracy
11. German Metalhead
12. I Like My Video Games
13. Bonus

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