Artist/ Band: Hamadryad
Title: Live
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

After two studio releases, Hamadryad next venture is a live recording called Live in France 2006 (recorded at the Crescendo Festival). The band shines brightly in a live setting with a nice cross section of material from both studio albums. I was very pleased with the performance here and for those of us that might not get to experience them in concert, this is the next best thing.

For those unaware of what the band Hamadryad sounds like, well imagine a mix of early Genesis & Yes along with a heavier side in kin to Dream Theater or Vanden Plas. They blend all those styles together in such a way that fans of those bands will enjoy fully. Plus if youíve been wanting something heavier and not prog-metal, then Hamadryad fills that need. Highlights are heavy hitting songs like "Nameless" or the lush Gabriel era Genesis style songs like "Spark of Benign Magic/Self Made Men". Also the more complex songs like "Omnipresent Umbra" keep those fans happy. Thereís so much more but you get the point, or I hope so!

If you have the two studio albums or wanting to hear Hamadryad, you canít go wrong with this ĎLiveí album. Itís by far one of the better live recordings that Iíve ever listened to. A mixture of polished and raw sound that makes Hamadryad a force to be reckoned with! Needless to say, this is very recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 27th, 2007


1. Spark Of Benign Magic/ Self Made Men
2. Anatomy Of A Dream
3. Amora Demonis
4. Watercourse Hymn
5. Nameless
6. Omnipresent Umbra
7. One Voice
8. Polaroid Vendetta
9. Alien Spheres
10. Still They Laugh Pt.1 / Pt.2
11. ...Action!

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