Artist: Greg Sherman
Title: Zutique
Producted by: Jeff & Greg Sherman
Label/ Date: Relentless Pursuit / 2000


1. Yodz' Dharma [4:29]
2. The Road Home [3:47]
3. Heart of Hearts [5:39]
4. Moon Over Sedona [3:39]
5. Rebecca's Garden [5:50]
6. Le Coeur Volé (The Stolen Heart) [3:36]
7. The Weaver's Way [4:08]
8. Solmar Sunset [4:11]
9. Second Hand Melody [3:41]
10. Dance the Night Away [1:59]
11. When I Look In Your Face [5:28]
12. North Beach Revisited [5:14]

The Review:

Greg Sherman, better known as the main keyboard player of 70's prog band, Glass shows off his skills this time as a composer on a solo piano. Originally from the Pacific Northwest and currently living in Southern California.

Greg started on the piano at the age of thirteen and since then he's gone from 60's rock 'n' roll where he first learned how to improvise to creating some original progressive music with his band, Glass.

The music on Zutique is a collection of 12 simple yet melodic songs, showing off a variety of influences such as classical works as well as some light piano based jazz.

Just like on his brother, Jeff's solo album he takes another journey off the "Glass" road by doing what in my opinion is a true SOLO album!

Although musically it is not necessarily classified as prog, the music uses elements of prog by joining images and feeling almost like a soundtrack. To my ears, this just gives just a great music and fun to hear another side to this great musician.

Do yourself a big favor and order a copy of Zutique Now!

~Ron for [March 14th, 2003]

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