Artist: Greenslade
Title: 2001 - Live The Full Edition
Label/ Date: Self release 2002


1. Cakewalk [4:33]
2. Feathered Friends [6:38]
3. Catalan [8:08]
4. No Room - But A View [3:36]
5. Large Afternoon [4:06]
6. Sundance [8:31]
7. Wherever I Go [5:15]
8. On Suite [5:56]
9. In the Night [6:24]
10. Bedside Manners Are Extra [5:11]
11. Joie De Vivre [11:20]
12. Spirit Of the Dance [3:27]

The Review:

This is a very nice "live" introduction to the band's collection of both "classics" and newer songs from the "Large Afternoon" CD.

As said in the liner notes, Dave re-unites with original bassist Tony Reeves. They are joined by newcomers to the Greenslade line-up, John Young on vocals/ second keyboardist and John Trotter on drums.

The two Johns have a stronger more modern presence that I'm sure will draw new listeners such as myself to Greenslade's music past and present.

In some research I found out that Dave Greenslade was in Colosseum (reformed in 1994) prior to his own self titled band both bands were/are fusioned based with Greenslade probably being more personal than Colosseum.

Dave Greenslade's keyboard sounds are mainly done with what seems to be the hammond organ and piano (if I'm correct).

The CD starts with hammond-esque* driven instrumental called "Cakewalk", that I'm sure raised a few hairs on the audience's neck on that night.

John Young sings very well on several of the tracks such as the second track "Feathered Friends", which is from the first Greenslade album and seems that the audience is quite warmed up to his vocals talents on the "classic' Greenslade tracks.

The absence of the guitar in the music is not missed as both Dave and John use the keyboards but they more than make up for it especially in such beautiful songs as "Catalan" and "On Suite".

The second to last song, "Joie de Vivre", is quite a spectacular with it's lovely powerful hammond-esque* intro and John's complimentary vocal talents it takes you away on an epic journey of sorts with it's 11+ minute of pure prog masterpiece if I ever heard one, which if you can guess it's one of my favorites of this band's live collection.

This is my first exposure to the band Greenslade, so I have a lot of catching up to do to familiarize myself more of the past works of Dave Greenslade for a better appreciation the man and his music.

~Ron for [April 25th, 2002]

Note: Recorded on 10 Feb. 2001 at a gig in Rotherham for the Classic Rock Society 2001 - Live features the complete set - a mix of reworked classic tracks and the new songs and instrumentals from the reformation album Large Afternoon and a new song for Greenslade.

* = sound supplied by Korg keyboards (a detailed list of actual keyboards is forth coming)

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~Ron for [May 9th, 2002]

Band Members:

Dave Greenslade - Keyboards
John Young - Keyboards, Vocals
Tony Reeves - Bass
John Trotter - Drums


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