Artist/ Band: Ghosts of Pompeii
Title: Prophets For Profit & Idle Idols
Label: Self Relese
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Prophets For Profit & Idle Idols, the ninth studio cd from Ghosts of Pompeii was privately released in early 2006. Joseph Shingler, the sole driving force behind the Ghosts moniker, wasn’t sure he should release it due to the lack of attention the previous album, Film Clips recieved but I heard he will have it available very soon. I to this date have not heard Film Clips but I’m sure Joseph will change that soon enough.

As with the other Ghosts releases, I reviewed, he continues to push the boundaries of modern day progressive rock. This album is no different, but it’s more rooted in the symphonic soundtrack keyboard style. I think if he releases Prophets, he’ll have a winner on his hands.

He continues to stay away from anything “processed” or “formulaic”. I’d honestly say that he’s on par with many of the keyboard driven prog artists of today. If this was released, highly recommend fans of modern keyboard based progressive rock pick up a copy immediately. You can check out his page over at that I created for him for much needed exposure. Go there now and email him to get Prophets For Profit & Idle Idols available before the year is over. Support independent artists like him today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 25th, 2006


1. Assembly Line
2. Runaway Train
3. An Empty Toybox
4. Way of the Cross
5. From The Cradle To The Grave
6. Flight of the Fallen Angels
7. Mallard's Landing
8. Night of the Druid Moon Revisited
9. Intergalatic Lily Pad
10. Marbles On A Spiral Staircase 2006
11. A Gentle Breeze from the East
12. Mainspring

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