Artist: Ghosts of Pompeii

Title: From the Ashes of Vesuvius

Produced by: Joseph Shingler

Label/ Date: Self release/ 2002


1. Virgin Sacrifice []
2. The Four Horsemen []
3. Caught in the Quagmire []
4. Living in the House of Funkenstein []
5. Introducing - The Velveetatones []
6. Gremlins with Power Tools []
7. Memories of a Mechanical Man []
8. The Appointment []
9. Ignatius Possum' Jones - Private Eye []
10. Palomino []
11. Eyes Behind the Veil []
12. Just Happy To Be Alive []
13. Le Garage Symphonique
14. The Mintral, The Duje & The Highwayman
15. Raptors Lair
16. Kaleidoscope
17. To Grow Old With You
18. When Souls Entwine

The Review:

From The Ashes Of Vesuvius, the seventh studio cd from Ghosts of Pompeii was quietly released in mid-2002. I’m going to help make a big noise about it now in 2003. Better late than never.
Joseph is the sole driving force behind the Ghosts moniker but it sounds like there are more people involved. He pushes the boundaries of modern day progressive rock by infusing other styles such as old school progressive rock, well placed aggressive guitar riffs, new age ambience, and hard driving electronics.
This was the latest in the Ghosts discography, prior to the Last Days compilations done in 2002/2003. One of the amazing things with this home studio recording is that it doens’t sound like it. Joseph does a solid production and complex layered arrangements throughout the disc.
He also adds some humor to the music to stir up people’s ears, which can be heard throughout the disc especially on “Introducing – The Velveetatones” is a cheesy 40s’ style acappella scat number to the “Living In The House Of Funkenstein” which pays dues to P-Funk.
But don’t let that scare you away, the core of this and any other Ghosts cd is a wonderful blend of prog/rock instrumentation that fans of Joseph’s music have come to expect.
One of my favorites from this recording is a song called “To Grow Old With You”. the other is "When Souls Entwine". Both sounds like they can belongs on a soundtrack with it’s beautiful and haunting melodies.
From The Ashes Of Vesuvius contains the musical diversity that is much needed in music today. It stays away from anything “processed” or “formula” driven progressive music. Highly original and recommended. Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today!

~Ron for [September 21st, 2003]

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Band Members:

Joseph Shingler - All instruments

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