Artist: Ghosts of Pompeii
Title: The Days of Pompeii: Volume II
Produced by: Joseph Shingler
Label/ Date: Self/ 2003

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1. Kaliedoscope [4:53] (#7)
2. Voyage of the Gold Dabloon [2:21] (#1)
3. A Fistful of Smoke [3:42] (#6)
4. Number 13 Miller's Court [4:42] (#3)
5. Bloodlust And Bedlam [3:36] (#4)
6. Night of the Druid Moon [3:11] (#3)
7. Chaos Reigns Supreme [3:01] (previously unreleased)
8. Midnight AT The Necroplis [4:09] (#8)
9. In The Footsteps Of Ghosts [7:13] (#6)
10. Words of Wisdom [2:13] (previously unreleased)
11. Marbles On A Spiral Staircase [6:28] (#1)
12. Carnivour [3:43] (#5)
13. A Voyage Beyond The Looking Glass [2:54] (#5)
14. Sniper In The Clocktower [4:03] (#1)
15. The Appointment [4:12] (#7)
16. Baroque N' Hearts [2:58] (#6)
17. Soldier of Misfortune [3:15] (#4)
18. The Underworld Overture [8:21] (#3)

Ghosts Of Pompeii Albums are:
1.) Our Past Is Cast In Stone
2.) Awaken The Ghosts
3.) Angels…Devils…And The Fork In The Road
4.) Themes From The Secret Cinema
5.) A Voyage Beyond The Looking Glass
6.) A Fistful Of Smoke & A Pocketful Of Promises
7.) From The Ashes Of Vesuvius

The Review:

I am very honored to have been sent these special 'custom cut' copies of The Last Days Of Pompeii & The Last Days of Pompeii Vol II, that were specifically made Joseph Shingler for

Due to the time restriction at, the songs on these versions differ slightly. (MP3.Com has a time restriction of 60 minutes per CD).

Joseph deleted two songs from Vol. I ("St. George & The Dragon" and "To Grow Old With You") but they were included on Vol. II. The special version of "Vol. II" has 6 songs unavailable on either volume.

The original version of "The Last Days of Pompeii" is also available from Joseph directly with the two deleted songs. So there's two versions of the first volume to chose from. Please click on the CD cover above to get your hands on this and the first volume!

~Ron for [July 15th, 2003]

Band Members:

Jospeh Shingler - All Instruments

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