Artist: Ghosts of Pompeii
Title: The Last Days of Pompeii
Produced by: Joseph Shingler
Label/ Date: Self/ 2002

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1. Midnight Carousel [3:00]  (#1 & #6)
2. Seven Heads of The Hydra [3:12] (#6)
3. Spirits of The Anasazi [2:49] (#5)
4. Legend of The Loch [5:04] (#4)
5. Whispers of Autumn [4:34] (#5)
6. Escape From the Ant Farm [4:52] (#2 & #6)
7. Virgin Sacrifice [2:52] (#7)
8. Rainmaker [3:29] (#5)
9. St. George & The Dragon [8:28] (#2 & #6)
10. Girl In The Streelight [3:49] (#4)
11. Temple of Hatshepsut [7:02] (#6)
12. Never Smack A Rhino With A Whiffle Bat [4:33] (#1)
13. When Souls Entwine [4:38] (#7)
14. The Minstral, The Duke & The Highwayman [3:57] (#7)
15. These Clowns Came To Kill [3:54] (#5)
16. To Grow Old Wth You [1:41] (#7)
17. We Are All Called Home [3:16] (#5)


Ghosts Of Pompeii Albums are:
1.) Our Past Is Cast In Stone
2.) Awaken The Ghosts
3.) Angels…Devils…And The Fork In The Road
4.) Themes From The Secret Cinema
5.) A Voyage Beyond The Looking Glass
6.) A Fistful Of Smoke & A Pocketful Of Promises
7.) From The Ashes Of Vesuvius

The Review:

Just like another of Americas hidden gems, Glass, keyboardist Joseph Shingler is part of a recent resurgence of past progressive musicians coming into the modern-age, thanks in part to the growing interest in progressive music on internet.

Last Days of Pompeii is a collection of music done by Joseph under the moniker of Ghosts of Pompeii.

The music comes from his previous 7 instrumental based CDs, with the keyboards as main instrument.

All of the 17 songs are like short mini-conceptual peices, clocking in around 3-5 minutes, which stylistically lies between progressive and several related genres. including new-age, ambient and techno beats. There are some long tracks that push the 8 minute mark.

While adding modern touches to his music, Joseph draws his inspiration from prog pioneers such as Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Genesis without imitating or "cloning' them.

Run, don't walk and get this CD before it goes the way of the original Pompeii!

~Ron for [July 15th, 2003]

Band Members:

Joseph Shingler - All instruments

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