Artist: Gathering, The
Title: Souvenirs
Producted by: Zlaya Hadzich
Label/ Date: The End Records/ Pyschonaut / 2003


1. These Good People [5:48]
2. Even The Spirits Are Afraid [5:12]
3. Broken Glass [4:58]
4. Monsters [4:18]
5. You Learn About It [5:07]
6. Souvenirs [6:06]
7. We Just Stopped Breathing [6:49]
8. Golden Grounds [4:56]
9. Jelena [10:09]
10. A Life All Mine [5:08]

The Review:

The Gathering has been ever evolving ever since Anneke Van Giersbergen joined in the the mid-90's.

Prior to her joining the group, the band's musical direction was in the death metal camp complete with typical cookie monster vocals.

Anneke's angelic vocals have complimented each release from Mandylion to last year's EP, Black Light District. The band's musical direction changes from release to release, in my opinion they get better each time. They stay up to date with their brand of prog/goth metal without being pigeon-holed.

The lyrics as usual are angst ridden but this time it's all from the heart and very personal. Souvenirs is just that, a collection of thoughts and moods of singer Anneke of which she wrote. The sometime upbeat, sometime doomy yet beautiful backs up her lyrics perfectly.

I am a recent fan of the band's (since 2002 when I purchased their double cd effort, How To Measure a Planet?) and I prefer Anneke's version of The Gathering, it's much more versatile than the original death-metal version was. To me, there is only so much a death-metal band can do before repeating itself and becoming boring.

This latest addition to The Gathering's discography is a highly recommended release for 2003, especially for those who enjoy their prog on the modern side. This is NOT neo by any stretch of the imagination!

~Ron for [June 10th, 2003]

Band Members:

Anneke Van Giesbergen - Vocals
Frank Boeijen - Keyboards & Programming
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - Bass
Hans Rutten - Drums & Percussion
René Rutten - Guitars

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