Artist/ Band: Frost*
Title: Milliontown
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Frost is another, dare I say supergroup, from the InsideOut Music label. I know the word �supergroup� has less than positive response from the masses. Frost�s brainchild is Jem Godfrey (vocals and keyboards), who�s more known for his achievements in the pop world. It�s been said, Jem has always had a soft spot for progressive rock, so upon his approach to InsideOut Music, Frost was born. Joining Jem is Urbane/Arena/Kino-guitarist and singer John Mitchell, IQ members John Jowitt & Andy Edwards, plus studio musician John Boyes.

Musically there�s several styles covered on the debut, Milliontown, but all have a cohesive flow to them. The said styles range from metallic to melodic themes. All of the songs are fantastic thus making it a memorable album for years to come but the stand out songs for me are the heavy hitting, fist raising �No Me No You�, the spacey �Black Light Machine� (which reminds me of Porcupine Tree circa Sky Moves Sideways) and the epic title track which is about 27 minutes long. I know some will try to place this along side of the best epics of the progressive rock genre. I�m not really sure I can agree with that just yet. Maybe in time I�ll change my mind.

I will say that Milliontown is a welcomed addiction to any modern progressive rock fan�s collection. If you want ultra-complex music, pass but if you want high quality ... get it!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 27th, 2006


1) Hyperventilate [7:31]
2) No Me No You [6:06]
3) Snowman [3:55]
4) The Other Me [4:51]
5) Black Light Machine [10:06]
6) Milliontown [26:35]

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