Artist/ Band: Frameshift
Title: An Absense of Empathy
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Henning Pauly follows up his Frameshift project with something with more bite and adding to the bite is vocalist Sebastian Bach. For those unaware, Sebastian is best know as the former lead singer of the heavy metal band Skid Row. It was an odd choice for a prog metal to use a regular metal vocalist but thatís the whole charm of it. Sometimes itís good to step out of the box to re-invent a genre so to speak by using non progressive musicians and/or singers. On Absence of Empathy, Henning did that and more. While the bulk of the music is leaning more to the metal side that the progressive side, it does have just enough prog in it to satisfy the prog-metal fans. The subject matter this time is on the dark side dealing with different forms of human violence.

Also thereís less musicians this time around, with Henning take up most of the instrument chores, except drums which is done fantastically by Eddie Marvin. Sometimes this is better especially with such a musical visionary as Henning.

The stand out track for me is "When I Look Into My Eyes". To me it has the most progressive feel out of the whole album. But to get the full concept, this is a album that should be listened to several times from start to finish before making any critisizms, good or bad. Fan's of prog metal, heavy metal and harder edged prog will rejoice with the latest Frameshift release. I can't wait for the next one!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 30th, 2005


1. Human Grain
2. Just One More
3. MisEducation
4. I Killed You
5. This Is Going To Hurt
6. Push the Button
7. In An Empty Room
8. Outcast
9. Blade
10. How Long Can I Resist
11. When I look Into Your Eyes
12. What Kind of Animal

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