Artist: Frameshift

Title: Unweaving the Rainbow

Produced by: Henning Pauly

Label/ Date: Progrock Records/ 2003

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1. Above the Grass, part 1
2. The Gene Machine
3. Spiders
4. River Out of Eden
5. Message From The Moutain
6. Your Eyes
7. La Mer
8. Nice Guys Finish First
9. Arms Race
10. Origin and Miracles
11. Off the Ground
12. Walking Through Genetic Space
13. Cultural Genetics
14. Bats
15. Above the Grass, part 2

The Review:

Frameshift is basically a musical collaboration between multi-instrumentalist, Henning Pauly (Chain) and vocalist James LaBrie (Dream Theater). It combines cinematic soundtrack features with hints of prog metal and heart felt ballads. At time this reminds me of Dream Theaterís Images And Words cd but on a more technical side.

This release is very important, not only for Progrock Records but the prog-metal genre. By that I mean, the genre has for lack of a better term, gone stale. Most bands are clones of other bands that camebefore them. The only link to Dream Theater is really James. But here you get to hear Jamesí vocals in a different way. In Dream Theater the music was the most important compenent and Jamesí vocals are almost an after thought.

Here on Frameshifte, Henning built the project around Jamesí vocals and added insturmentation that fitted properly. To me this is the way it should be done if you have a frontman in any type of band. This is a true progressive recording thanks mainly to multi-instrumentalist Henning Pauly. This guy is by far one of the most underrated musician in music today, progressive or not. He incorporates musical instruments not associated with prog metal such as Warr Guitar and Banjo. He is joined by Eddie Marvin on drums. Unfortunately Iím not aware of Eddie but heís a really good drummer and knows his craft.

Other reviewers will chime in on the technical side of this CD but I want to let the listener know this is a fun way to spend almost 80 minutes and thereís no filler. The 80 minutes goes by without even noticing.

This is, in my humble opinion, Progrock Records crowning achievement. I just hope it gets the proper exposure and letís also hope it doesnít get overshadowed by Dream Theaterís Train of Thought release. Please do your ears a great favor and buy this release. Heck buy two copies and spread the word. Frameshift is here!

~Ron for [January 13th, 2004]

Band Members:

James LaBrie - Vocals
Henning Pauly - All instruments except
Nik Guadagnoli - Bass, guitars
Eddie Marvin - Drums

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