Artist/ Band: Fall Of Echos
Title: Red Tree
Label: Trinity Records and Production
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Fall of Echoes is a new band comprising of members from such Christian progressive & rock bands Visual Cliff, Azlan, and Orphan Project. The end result is a very modern sound rock band that utilizes some progressive rock vibes in various places. I believe if this gets out to the mainstream press, this band will be a very well known name.

Shane Lankfordís vocal delivery is powerful yet very pleasant on the ears. He keeps a deep mid-tone style to his vocals. Joining Shane are Rick Mals (guitars/ drums from Visual Cliff) and Rick Perez (on rhythm guitars/ engineer from Visual Cliff) and Bill Yost (on bass, from Orphan Project as well as Shane).

One of the things that makes Fall Of Echos a unique musical vision is the bandís ability to combine heavy guitars, slight art rock approach combined with keyboards that not only stand out, but fill in the music perfectly. The other thing is Lankford vocals. He sounds familiar yet sounds unique. This is a plus especially in the progressive rock genre.

While not an out and out progressive rock band, Fall Of Echos will gain fans from that genre as well as the assessable arty rock music. The music is very radio-friendly yet original enough to be stand proud on itís own. Progressive or not, Fall Of Echos is one of my favorites of 2006. I would recommend this to fans of music that are starved for something different thatís not too Ďout thereí. They have some songs up on their MySpace page, so go check them out and if you like what you hear, please get a copy of 'Red Tree' today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 2nd, 2006


1. Groaning
2. Mr.Orion
3. Darkness Inside
4. 9th Floor
5. Little Girl Lost
6. Red Tree (intro)
7. Land Of No Choices
8. You Freak Me Out
9. Behind My Closed Eyes
10. She Fits Well
11. While I'm Alive

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