Artist: The Flyin' Ryan Brothers
Title: Legacy
Producted by: The Flyin' Ryan Brothers
Label/ Date: MACE / 2002


Legacy Overture (1-4)
1. Amazing Grace [0:45]
2. Legacy [3:01]
3. St. Stephen's Green [1:40]
4. Malo Mori [3:47]
5. First Blood [4:31]
6. Lepruchaun's Ball [4:09]
7. Baja Breeze [3:57]
8. Fairehaven [4:10]
9. Cliffs of Moher [5:34]
Mother Suite (10-12)
10. Lullaby [0:39]
11. Red Red Rose [1:47]
12. Sweet Virginia [3:44]
13. Steale Dan [4:52]
14. Yeah, Man! [2:00]
15. Harmony [4:31]
16. Legacy Reprise [1:08]

Bonus Tracks
17. Dancer [4:06]
18. Take 41 [3:17]

The Review:
Along with getting Kopecky's Orion: A Live Performance, I received a copy of the latest release by The Flyin' Ryan Brothers, Legacy with a note from William Kopecky stating he played bass and fretless bass on several tracks and that 4 tracks from the CD were nominated for a Grammy. William also stated although the music wasn't prog, he believed that my readers may like to hear about it.

He is right, brothers Jimmy & Johnny Ryan has a long musical history that dates back to the 1970's and an earlier version of their current band was in the vein of Wishbone Ash & Thin Lizzy with it's melodic guitar rock.

On the CD there's two bonus archival tracks from 1975 and I begin to wonder why they never made it to the airwaves. It's really good melodic guitar rock without sounding wimpy or sappy.

Moving up to the Legacy recording, here's an 18 track rock n' roll "soundtrack" if you will. A nice blending of classic and modern rock with excellent musicianship especially from the Ryan brothers.

This is NOT prog but good ole fashioned rock n' roll. A nice addition to anyone's CD collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs onFebruary 28th, 2003

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