Artist/ Band: Far Corner
Title: Endangered
Label: Cuneiform Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I had the pleasure to review Far Cornerís self-titled 2004 debut and found it to be a very good release. I wondered if the band could top it, well they did and then some on Endangered. Each time I listen to the CD, Iím reminded of the band Univers Zero, especially their first two albums. Now the difference is, to my ears, is that Far Corner adds a more aggressive edge to their playing but not as much as say, the band Present (for those unaware, this band is related to Univers Zero). Iíd say Far Corner's music sounds somewhere in the middle of these two amazing bands. In fact Iíd group these three together when explaining the RIO/ Chamber rock genre to others.

Not a cop-out but this is another of those releases that needs to talked about as a whole and not the individual pieces. One reason is the first track, ďInhumanĒ segues so perfectly into ďDo You Think Iím Spooky?ď. I would say besides those two that the epic title track is my personal favorites of the album.

Far Corner is one of the very few progressive sounding bands today that donít rely on excessive self-indulgence to make their musical point. I would say Endangered is the next step up in the bandís evolution and I feel the best is yet to come. In the meantime, Endangered is one of the best releases so far in 2007 and if youíre a fan of Univers Zero, present or any of the other RIO styled bands, this release is highly recommended to you.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 29th, 2007


1. Inhuman
2. Do You Think I'm Spooky?
3. Creature Council
4. Claws
5. Not From Around Here
6. Endangered

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