Artist: F2 Music
Title: Progressive Rock Sampler, Volume 1
Label/ Date: F2 Music 2001


1-5. The White Witch [20:23]
- "Revolutions" 2001
6. Master Humphries Clock [9:47]
The Fyreworks
- "self titled" 1997
7. Guardians [12:05]
- "Remastered" 1997
8. Father of Leeches [6:52]
The Othello Syndrome
- "The Shadow of Dreams" 1999
9. The River [7:20]
- "The Creeping Vine" 1999
10. Little By Little [7:48]
Abel Ganz
- "Drawig the Line (part 1)" 2001
11. The World Prepares [3:18]
Lee Sanders
- "A Promise of Peace" 1995
12. Guese You Had To Be There [4:25]
Swing Gang (Danny Chang)
- "self titled" 2001

The Review:

This is a compilation of bands on the F2 Music label; a brand new british neo-prog label with such bands as Magenta; The Fyreworks; Cyan; The Othello Syndrome; Abel Ganz; Lee Saunders; Swing Gang (Danny Chang).

Openng the compilation is new comer, Magenta - "The White Witch"; a 20 minute epic peice, by far the best track on this sampler and closer to what symphonic progressive rock is all about, featuring Christina (a magnificent vocalist.

The entry that The Fyreworks (Master Humphries Clock) is the second best track, border line between classic & neo-prog with a Tull-ish sound.

The other bands I wasn't to thrilled with as they all had the same neo-prog formula that the forefathers of this genre did almost 20 years earlier. I dare say they are REgressive rather than progressive.

One track that didn't belong on this compilation was the final track as it was blues sounding and really wasn't that good either (maybe it was done tongue'n'cheek fashion?).

Anyways, one band that I'd look out for is Magenta as they have a great sound both musically and voally, thanks to Christina!

~Ron for [September 11th, 2001]


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