Artist: Ferrigno, Leal & Kuprij
Title: Promised Land
Producted by: Ferrigno, Leal & Kuprij
Label/ Date: Lion Music / 2002


1. Promised Land [8:30]
2. The Prisoner [5:16]
3. Death and Illusions [6:34]
4. Inner [5:56]
5. Ethiopia [5:30]
6. Eternal [6:56]
7. Vigilance [6:19]
8. The Prophecy [5:30]

The Review:

Promised Land is an ALL instrumental CD focusing on duelling riffs between guitarists Marco Ferrigno (left channel), Javier Leal (right channel) and keyboardist, Vitalij Kuprij.

The band is backed by an solid rhythm section of bassist Philip Bynoe (of Ring of Fire & ex. Steve Vai) and drummer Jon Doman.

The music is classified as prog-metal with some neo-classical influences. I noticed the keyboards are more infront rather that an occasional burst of typical prog-metal bands.

Vitalij, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, was born in 1974. He has won many awards in the former Soviet Union, all in his teens.

He also co-founded a prog-metal/neo-classical band called Artension.

Although Vitalij is musically rooted in the prog-metal scene, he also has a love for performing classical based music.

~Ron for [February 28th, 2003]

Band Members:

Vitalij Kuprij - Keyboards
Marco Ferrigno - Guitars on left channel
Javier Leal - Guitars on right channel
Philip Bynoe - Bass
Joe Doman - Drums

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