Artist: Evan M. Symons
Title: Ten Year Obsession
Label/ Date: Step And A Half 2000


1. Beware the Future [4:03]
2. Killex [1:49]
3. Who Cares? [1:30]
4. What's My Problem? [2:08]
5. The Last Air Mask [2:40]
6. Ties [3:34]
7. Turn Yor Motor Down [3:37]
8. Infinity/Uninfinity [4:11]
9. Delay A Pitch Shift [3:19]
10. A Death Song [4:32]
11. A Friend I Know [2:46]
12. San Francisco Fog [2:01]
13. Excess Dominates My Life [2:38]
14. Cool Bass Line [1:31]
15. What Society [2:56]
16. Whale Song [3:03]
17. Swear Song For Kids [3:27]

The Review:

A collection of early his works hence the title, "Ten Year Obsession", more of Evan's punk side which doesn't appeal to my ears. I can't say this shows what he can really do... sounds more like a garage band in comparison to "Transition To A New Dream" but then again it could be that he has grow musically since his early days.

So it can be an interesting look back at what he was and perhaps one can even hear where some of his later song structures had some beginnings.

~Ron for [February, 12th 2002]

Band Members:

Evan M. Symons -All Instruments


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