Artist: Evan M. Symons
Title: Transition To A New Dream
Label/ Date: Step And A Half release 1998


1. The Way Things Are [2:56]
2. Brain Interface [3:16]
3. Renewal [4:23]
4. Tied (One More Day) [5:30]
5. Not Sure [3:16]
6. Focus [4:05]
7. Goddess of the Moon [5:05]
8. Dream Operator [2:41]

The Review:

Evan Symons has his own unique style of progressive rock but combining the D.I.Y. attitude of punk rock with the quirkyness of Frank Zappa and pyschedlic stylings of the late 60's.
Hailing from Vancouver, BC. Evan has been on the scene since the early 80's both as a solo artist and a member of Uneven Steps. I haven't heard anything like him before, vocally similar to John Doe (of the band X), though I'd like to hear him expand more instrumentally.

He is very talented, both in his basic yet complex musical arrangements (the "less is more" attitude here) and his quirky lyrics, and the world should know more about Evan Symons and hopefully I can do my part by this review.

~Ron for [February, 12th 2002]

Band Members:

Evan Symons - All instruments


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