Artist/ Band: Enchant
Title: Blink of An Eye (regular edition)
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2002
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1. Under Fire
2. Monday
3. Seeds of Hate
4. Flat Line
5. Follow the Sun
6. Ultimate Gift
7. My Everafter
8. Invisible
9. Despicable

The Review:

The California ensemble, Enchant released Blink of an Eye back in 2002 which will make number seven in their catalog. In someways theyíre a veterans of the prog-metal & neo-prog scene,Ever since their debut they have show signs of growth and maturity while still retaining their ďsoundĒ.

In a perfect world, where everyone (especially the big record companies) would have an open mind to different types of music, most of Enchantís music might receive some airplay on various rock stat ions across America but we all know that itís not going to happen anytime soon. Itís catch 22 situation but to me Iíd rather see (or hear) that Enchant can do music the way they want and not be tailored into some ďgenericĒ modern rock rubbish.

Iím not that familiar with their catalog outside of their debut, Blueprint of the World and Juggling 9, Dropping 10. Which I resold because the music was too in your face and not enough melodies for me. So I really canít give proper comparisons to the rest of their music. They came back with Blink of An Eye and rekindled my interest in the band. Iíll definitely search out their other releases in the near future.

Iím also excited to get to see them live at CalProg in Whittier, California on July 3rd. If you know this band, and havenít purchased Blink of An Eye, do yourself a big favor and get a copy, in fact get the limited edition if still available.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 25th, 2004

Band Members:

Doug Ott - Guitars, keyboards
Ed Platt - Bass
Sean Flanegan - Drums
Ted Leonard - Vocals

Phil Bennett - Keyboards solos, additional keayboards (Tracks 3, 7 on regular edition)
Ted Leonard - Additional guitar (Track 9)
Doug Ott - Bass (Track 5)

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