Artist/ Band: Enchant
Title: Live At Last DVD
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Prog rock band, Enchant’s “Live At Last“ was released last year as a double CD and showcase the band at it’s best. A virtual “best of” for newcomers and fans alike. Now the band has released a double DVD set so those can relive the live experience of Enchant or for those to see the band for the first time in live concert form. Both versions contain the complete Oakland concert, the DVD additionally features some insight interviews with the band and fans, some candid shootings of rehearsals and sound check. You can also find a photo gallery with impressions of the concert in California and of Enchant’s European tour 2003.

Having the pleasure to see Enchant play the inaugural Cal prog this past July, I found it a great treat to watch the DVD of Live At Last. It was a very cool way to relive the live experience, even though Live At Last and the CalProg performances weren’t the exact sets.

There’s a very nice cross section of their material from Blueprint to their last one, Tug of War. Now seeing Enchant on stage, it appears they have a very professional live presence that shows on this live document. Now on DVD.

“Live At Last” are a great start for newbie to Enchant as well as their legions of fans worldwide to relive now visually. This is one of the best live DVD releases I’ve heard in a long while. I highly recommend this release to everyone into melodic, song based progressive rock. All others stay clear and let the fan’s of Enchant enjoy!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 3rd, 2005


01. Mae Dae
02. At Death’s Door
03. Sinking Sand
04. Under Fire
05. Broken Wave
06. Blindsided
07. Acquaintance
08. Monday
09. Progtology
10. The Thirst
11. Paint the Picture
12. Under the Sun
13. What to Say
14. My Enemy
15. Follow the Sun
16. Break
17. Seeds of Hate
18. Comatose
19. Black Eyes & Broken Glass (acoustic)
20. Colors Fade (acoustic)
21. Pure
22. Below Zero
23. Oasis

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