Artist: Emily Burridge

Title: Footsteps in the Sand

Produced by: Emily Burridge

Label/ Date: Self released 2002


1. Kame [3:39]
2. Candle In The Sand [2:51]
3. Day of the Dead [4:12]
4. Black Madonna [4:53]
5. Dolphin Love [4:08]
6. Rain Maker [5:08]
7. Agua De Menina [4:18]
8. Prayer For the Fisherman [5:20]
9. Out of the Blue [4:08]
10. Distant Shores [3:01]
11. Realised Dream part 1 [5:17]
12. Realised Dream part 2 [1:41]

The Review:

Emily follows up her debut with another collection of ambient ethnic based music on Footsteps in the Sand. Again the music is inspired by her journeys to Brazil.

Like in Earth Songs, she recorded various things such as songs of the Tremembe Indians. The Tremembe Chief and his daughter are even featured on “Rain Maker”, “Agua De Menina” and “Prayer For The Fisherman.

Brazilian percussionist Milton Fiori provides the rhythm on several tracks. Austrian guitarist Gandalf is also featured to add a blend of classical & new age based guitar playing.

Emily again shines here both vocally and with her beautiful cello playing. I’m not used to this style of music but I can say it is very soothing and spiritual. A very nice contrast to the bombastic based music of today.

Adding to her unique style of music is a nice hit worthy song called "Dolphin Love". I can almost here it being played with such contemporary artists as Tori Amos and Sarah MacLachlan.

Again please visit Emily’s website to hear samples and if you like what you hear, let Emily know by purchasing a copy of this fine work.

~Ron for [September 21st, 2003]

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Band Members:

Emily Burridge - Cello, Vocals
Milton Fiori - Percussions on tracks 1-3
Jody Prescott - Percussions on track 8
Manasses & Gandalf - Guitars on tracks 4 & 5

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